Stronghaven is a blog about a homestead.  On this homestead we homeschool our little ones, grow lots of vegetables, read copious amounts of books, raise Blue Heelers, keep a small herd of dairy goats, enjoy Doctor Who and Once upon a time and tend to a flock  of poultry.   Welcome to the adventure!

I have been reading through the works of Charlotte Mason with avid interest, and hope to echo much of her educational philosophy in our life here.  In case you have never heard of Charlotte Mason, here is one of my favorite quotes from her.

“We are waking up to our duties and in proportion as mothers become more highly educated and efficient, they will doubtless feel the more strongly that the education of their children during the first six years of life is an undertaking hardly to be entrusted to any hands but their own. And they will take it up as their profession––that is, with the diligence, regularity, and punctuality which men bestow on their professional labours.”



I’m Lizzie, the author of this humble blog. (This is not what I actually look like, merely the image that represents me in various Internet places I haunt.)  😀  I suffer from such a wide variety of interests that I will never become proficient at most of them.  Fortunately, the path my life has taken encourages me to regularly indulge in a few of them.  Foremost among these are teaching my children, preparing healthy food,  tending to our animals, and assisting in the garden. I am slowly learning to love what must be done.

I happen to be married to a very resourceful man who is constantly improving our little homestead. I look forward to telling the world about his latest projects.   He is a talented gardener and recently built a greenhouse that has greatly expanded our growing season.

We currently have four children whom God has seen fit to entrust to our care.

Our life on the homestead is sometimes joyous, often heart-breaking, always difficult and usually worth it.  Every now and then, there is even something worth talking about.


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