Household Philosophy

As I go about my daily life, I often find myself contemplating books I have read, events in the world today, and the meaning of life.  Occasionally I can trap my mother or a long-suffering friend into listening to my thought process, but not always.  As a result I frequently end up writing blog posts which have nothing practical to offer, only the philosophical meanderings of an immensely impractical woman as she strives to manage her home.  I generally delete them.

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No more! From now on such posts will be added to this page, to be enjoyed by anyone who prefers philosophy yet seeks practicality.  Please feel free to offer differing perspectives in the comments.

Keep in mind that all of these posts are my own thoughts, and as I read and learn more I might change my mind about something.    Also, please keep in mind that these posts are philosophical in nature and refrain from assuming my life is under control in actual practice. 😀

You Worry About You: In which I opened my mouth and my mother came out.

Let It Go is Not the End of the Story: in which I ramble about talent, balance and beloved movies.

Writing and Motherhood: in which I discuss two things I love that seem to exclude each other.


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