Bits and Pieces 1

Ordinary moments I gathered this week.  Thank you, Gina, for the inspiration to do this in a more purposeful manner.

As I move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, Baby Pumpkin toddles towards me, tightly clutching her baby doll.  I bend down to lift her over the pile of dirty laundry in her path.  She grins and holds her doll out towards me.  I kiss it.  Intrigued, she turns the doll around, kisses the doll herself and holds the doll out for another kiss.  Only as I am dutifully bestowing the next kiss do I realize there is an excessive amount of snot on Pumpkin’s lovely face.  Snot that is now on the doll’s head. Right where I’m bestowing a kiss.

It’s a hot day, well into the nineties.  I have been exceedingly brave and applied henna to my hair, but the mix was too runny and now there are thin streams of henna running out from under the trash bag I have tied onto my head.  They leave vivid streaks of orange wherever they run, and I find myself unwilling to meander about doing normal activities while henna dye runs over my neck.  No thank you.  So I grab a pile of books and lay on my back in the yard.  The children swing on the swing set behind me, and Baby Pumpkin routinely come over to bounce her diaper against my face.  I begin reading aloud.  Before long Zorro has crept closer, sitting on the rocks of the herb spiral as he listens.  Baby Pumpkin stops bouncing on my head and sits in the grass beside me, plucking at the seed pods she has stripped from the basil plants.  Rosie and Boo play Princess in the background, and for an entire hour there is peace while I read aloud.  The narrations are brilliant, the attentiveness gratifying, and my hair is now orange. But in the typical way of henna, it has settled down in the days since and is now a rich auburn, just as I hoped.

Zorro and Rosie have banned me from the front window.  They’re making a surprise, they say, and I must not see it.  At last it is ready, and they come inside prepared to escort em out.  I decline the blindfold, promising to keep my eyes closed if they will direct me around any obstacles.  I am surprised (and slightly confused) to hear two little voices piping “Take a step to the west.  Now go north.  Now go north-east.   No, south a bit…..” Apparently they have paid better attention to our geography studies than I have. *gulp*  The surprise was a miniature garden, consisting of a tiny cedar tree and some yellow wildflowers which had been planted in the sand pit, covered with snow (in the form of stuffing robbed from a dog toy) and decorated with long strips of finger knitting.

Baby Pumpkin has taken to toddling about with all her treasures in her grasp, the only way to ensure they remain available for her personal use.  I had sat down on my bed for a quick break, and just as I began to unwrap an Andes mint she appeared at the door way, her arms full of a doll, a piece of paper and a teddy bear, with a piece of toast grasped in her little fist. But no sooner did she realize what was in my hands than she dropped everything, climbed over the pile it made and held her hands out with a grin, waiting for her chocolate.  That’s my girl…… 😀




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