Heritage History and Yesterday’s Classics

31 Days of Vintage E-Book

Heritage History and Yesterday’s Classics

Vintage e-books

By this point I think you all realize the wealth of words that is available in the Public Domain.  Last weekend we talked about the various places that offer public domain books for free.  This weekend I want to talk about places that sell public domain e-books.

At this point you may be wondering why you would ever PAY for public domain books.  The biggest reason is formatting.  I like free e-books, but I love using a book with a cover, synopsis, working table of contents and easy navigation.  These sites are better for browsing than the free sites, and the descriptions enable you to discover what a book is about without actually reading it first.

Heritage History is my personal favorite.  I’ve been *slightly* obsessed with them since I first discovered them a few years ago.  Of all the collections of Public Domain books I have found, I love the Heritage History collection the best.  Many of the books they offer are not available on any free sites, and they are organized into an ultra-searchable database.

Most of the books in the Heritage collection come from the private library of a long time collector of children’s histories. Some of these books were found by combing the children’s history shelves in dozens of used book stores. Others were identified by reviewing book catalogs published by librarians in the early twentieth century or by tracking down additional books from favorite authors and publishers.

The best place to begin is with their video introduction.

Since writing the first post a few things have changed.  In addition to the individual e-books and the CD colelctions, they now offer Library Passes and Online Courses. At this point I own all 5 of their Curriculum CD’s and have thoroughly enjoyed every single book I’ve read.  The Young Reader’s collection, loaded onto our Nook, is a favorite with Zorro and Rosie.  I enjoy being able to hand them so many books to choose from, and feeling confident that all of them are suitable.

They offer a new free e-book each month on their Facebook Page.

Yesterday’s Classics is a company that has been highly recommended to me, but I haven’t (yet) purchased anything from them.  They offer a website that has free online texts, they have a large e-book collection that is (according to their About page) going to be on sale October 12th (and usually goes on sale before the holidays,) and they have recently begun Gateway to the Classics.  They also have print books available through Amazon, as well as some books in the Kindle Store, for those searching for individual books.


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