Friday Favorites: Backyard Chickens

Since our newest round of poultry is due to arrive today, it seemed only fitting that this week’s Friday Favorite should be poultry related.

Do you have a question about poultry?  Of any kind?  If it hasn’t already been covered over at Backyard Chickens, then ask.  The ingeniously helpful folks (141,364 members!!) over there are always on the lookout for fresh issues to chat about.

New to chickens?  Check out the Learning Center

Unsure which breed of chickens you want to get next? Check out the Breed Profiles.

Looking for way to house your chickens that fits your situation?  There are hundreds of ideas in the Coop area.

Wanting to meet other poultry-obsessed folks?  join the forum.

Do you prefer Ducks or Geese to chickens?  Turns out several other folks feel the same way.  What about Emus or Pheasants?

Looking for Hatching eggs?  Grown birds?  Rare breeds?  Check out the Buy – Sell- Trade page.

If you’re considering poultry, join Backyard Chickens.  Those weird but sudden issues that come up?  Many experienced caretakers will gladly lend a hand to help you troubleshoot the issue.  Let me know what you think!


One thought on “Friday Favorites: Backyard Chickens

  1. Hey!!! Just wanted to drop by and leave you a note. 🙂 How are the new peeps? And the quacks? 🙂

    I really love you Garden Tour. It is really splendid. I went out and took photos of my garden that AM, but I don’t feel like it photographed as well. I’m still trying to decide if I want to share photos. Well, I’ll share them with YOU, but not sure if I’ll send them to anyone else.

    Anyway, once I get them off my camera, I’ll post some!

    Catch you later ….


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