A Garden Tour 2012

Thanks to My Man, the greenhouse he built and the hard work he has done in our garden, our garden is overflowing this year.  Perhaps you would enjoy a tour?

This was our Garden Harvest the day after I finished putting up 4 1/2 gallons of pickled Veggies. We’re gathering this much twice a week.

A Panoramic view of our Garden. On the far left is the greenhouse and Library. The small building int he center of the picture is the chicken house.

My Herb Spiral

My Herb Spiral: another view

Small Citrus Tress on the patio

Pepper Plants outside the Greenhouse

A Happy Chicken

Tigerella Tomatoes


The Vine Lane

Amaranth, the only crop that did well in last years drought.

The Corn is Ripe: and oh so delicious

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

The Bean Trellis

Peruvian Purple Peppers

Red Burgundy Okra: a surprisingly tender and delicious variety

Beautiful Gladiolas


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