Friday Favorites: PicMonkey

What is your biggest blogging headache?  Mine was designing graphics for my blog.  Trying to put Text on pictures using Gimp? It took forever.  Getting a great cover photo for  my Timeline?  Ugghh.

Then I found the answer.  It’s called PicMonkey.  A free, online photo-editing program that allows you to add text to your photos, create customized collages,  and surround your images with nifty frames. You can chose from several special effects, touch up your photo, apply an overlay or watermark, and experiment with their super-cool new textures.

Best of all, they do not require an account.  You upload a photo, and you save it right back to your computer.  No logging in, no worry about site security.  Just a tool that does anything you ask.

My favorite tools from the vast array of possibilities they offer

The Collage Feature (you can customize this to create the perfect blog header.)

The Fonts (Which are much more attractive than those I find in Microsoft Word. 🙂

The Overlay’s

The Facebook Timeline options, which can be found under the Crop feature or under the Collage feature.

Check out my Great Combination Cover Photo, in which I created a collage, and then applied the Cross Process effect, faded it out until I liked it and added text.

Have you done something nifty using PicMonkey?  I’d love for you to post a link to your work in the comments, and tell us how you did it. (Please keep it clean, though!)  Do you have questions about using PicMonkey?  I’m happy to try to help.

Once again, thanks to the awesome A.K. and her photography skills.  🙂


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