Meet the “Girls”

Because our goats are dairy animals, we interact with them almost as much as we interact with our dogs.  Milking twice a day, bottle feeding babies and turning them out to graze are daily chores.  Each of our “girls” has a name and a personality.  As far as breeds go, they’re all mutts.  As far as pets go, they’re all ours.  🙂

Twix, Tootsie Roll and Nutmeg

Our three “old girls” all tend to group together: in the above photo than Milky Way and Twilight are mostly hidden by Twix.  Which is very much the same way as it occurs in real life. 🙂

The Queen Doe herself: Meet Twix, a Boer/Nubian cross


Spelt, a yearling Alpine/Nubian cross


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