Introducing Friday Favorites:

Each Friday I hope to post about one of our (many) favorite websites.  I will explain why each site is so special and the ways we use it most.  The links you will find here are NOT affiliate links, and we are not rewarded by these websites for posting about them.  So without further ado, let me introduce you to has been our #1 homeschooling resource since we discovered them almost a year ago.  Currclick offers digital homeschool products of all kinds as well as Live Classes on a variety of subjects.   Their Free Stuff page contained 714 free downloads at the time this post was written, and it changes often.  The fact that they will find any excuse to run a sale and offer extra freebies meant that I simply HAD to sign up for their newsletter.

We have always been happy with the quality of their products and the ease of use.  Most items are well labeled, which means that we have little trouble finding them on our computer when  looking for a specific one.  With the vast array of copy work booklets, math helpers, notebooking pages and lapbooks that they offer, I rarely leave empty handed.

If you homeschool and you are not familiar with,  I would encourage you to visit them and set up an account.  Download a few freebies to become familiar with their download process.  Then wait for one of their inevitable sales and start shopping!


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